Dan Quinn



I have a particular interest in working with leaders from a depth psychology perspective. Before becoming a psychologist, I gathered many years of experience in the corporate arena, and as the CEO of a technology firm I consulted to C-level leaders in a variety of businesses, such as Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Mitsubishi Electronics and others, as well as several startups. I was also a founder of Smart911 (which was successfully sold to Rave Wireless).

“Working with Dan is like taking a weekly trip to a special gym, with a great trainer, where I work out and practice staying emotionally present…”

“The level of communication between my wife and me has improved several fold as a direct result of the work I have done in our men’s group.”

“This was a truly amazing growth experience.”

“Dan truly has the ability to transform a person’s life. He does this work with unmatched grace.”

“Dan is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, analytic and creative thinkers I’ve come to know.”

Gilbert Newman, Ph.D, Dean, The Wright Institute